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Blog Post 4

By February 6, 2018No Comments


After a slightly hectic weekend it’s back to the grind this morning. London is always fun to visit but it’s nice to be back in Cheltenham. This week I have a meeting to make a photography mood board with two of my clients to nail down the style they want for their wedding. The venue of the ceremony is in a traditional church and they want a classical feel to the photographs throughout the day. After the ceremony we’re heading back to groom’s family’s farm in the Cotswolds for a big hog roast and some partying.


Later on in the week I have a shoot with a clothing company in Cheltenham so I’ve been in the lookout for unique locations in Gloucestershire that would work well with the style of clothing. I’m also hoping to organise another meeting with a local flouriest in hope that we can work together to utilize each other’s client base.


It’s now also only nine days before I head off to New Zealand for a month and I’m itching to go. I’m now debating to myself how much space in my bag I should sacrifice for camera equipment instead of clothing. I figured I last two months in Asia with three lenses, a body and a tripod so I doubt I’d need much more than that.